Customer service call center tips: what you must know.

The quality of customer relationship management in a call center is based on your complete 360° view of customer history. This history groups the information collected from multi-channel media (telephone, e-mailing, chat). Your 360° customer vision is effective if the data appears on a consolidated and unified document, visible on screen from the start of the telephone call. Here are essential customer service call center tips.

Assign customer typologies by team to personalize the experience

Knowledge of customer typologies allows the adviser to gain the trust of his interlocutor and better meet his expectations. They can concern the customer himself, whether it is the persona to which he sees himself attached or the profile (sociable, tense, in a hurry, omniscient, etc.) assigned to him from the start of the call. On this subject, the typologies are also based on the products or services constituting the reason for the request. Look here to know essential customer service call center tips

Qualify the request before contact with a chatbot and a callbot

Conversational agents, chatbots and callbots, allow advisers to focus on high value-added calls. In fact, their roles and operations are distinct. On the one hand, the chatbot responds in writing to the sound of the voice or the keyboard input of the interlocutor. On the other hand, the callbot provides an oral response thanks to its voice recognition system.

These agents pre-qualify incoming calls by identifying keywords from text or voice, while providing an accurate response. They also register any type of request (making commercial or technical appointments, sending documents) and forward the requests to competent and available advisers.

Guarantee politeness, enthusiasm and attention to the customer

To understand the customer during the call and best respond to his request, the adviser must maintain certain basics essential to customer relationship management.

He must be courteous, enthusiastic and confident, without forgetting to be an active listener and to lead the interview with flexibility. As it progresses, the agent personalizes the exchanges using the knowledge base and the customer history, while reformulating the elements stated by his interlocutor, so that the latter feels understood. . The advisor is attentive until the leave is taken, ensuring that all the client's questions have been answered.