Digital transformation of companies: what to remember about the person of Eric Minoli?

In a changing world, new highly lucrative and efficient business models are developing to boost business revenue. These are mainly digital-based models and techniques. Having understood very early on the challenges of this new world that is being built, Eric Minoli has worked hard for a methodical transformation of outdated business tactics thanks to digital. Who is he and what are his accomplishments? We take stock of his journey in the following article.

Eric Minoli, an innovative entrepreneur in the digital media sector

For those new to the world of digital industry, this is a name that comes up quite often. Who is Eric Minoli ? This is the question that some of them arise. He is an entrepreneur who has been working creatively in the media field for ten years. He develops very effective solutions to ensure that companies have a smooth transition to the digital industry. With his very advanced experience in the world of media, he has been able to put in place techniques that now facilitate the migration of traditional practices within companies to modern digital practices. He has also received several awards that attest to the quality and impact of his work on a global scale.

A man with an outstanding professional background

Eric Minoli is one of the few entrepreneurs who has devoted his entire career to a single and specific cause: developing new digital solutions. He has worked on a multitude of personal projects and has served on several boards of directors, including those of the University of French Ontario, TFO, Les M├ędias Francophones Publiques, etc. Of the many concepts he was able to develop, we mainly remember the concept "Firts in World" which had the impact of improving the user experience in broadcasting. We cannot talk about the successes of this man without noting the construction of a revolutionary prototype based on Blockchain technology and responsible for managing content and copyrights. Eric Minoli is also the founder of Calimero Consulting, a company specializing in guiding other companies towards digital transformation.