Happy Mother's Day.

We were all brought into this world by a woman. Mother's Day is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world. Mothers have been given gifts and special attention to thank them for their love, support, and presence in our lives. Where does Mother's Day as we know it today comes from?

Is it a pagan holiday?

The annual celebration of Mother's Day is a celebration that has its origin in Ancient Greece. The first traces of a Mother's Day were in fact a cult in honor of the goddess Rhea (or Cybele) the mother of the Gods. During this festival, orgies, and mutilations had been practiced, as well as other practices considered impure by Christianity. With the avenue of the Virgin Mary and the will of the Christianity to celebrate it, the Christianity is going to make disappear the pagan festival. But it is still difficult to speak about Mother's Day because the virginity of Mary was a problem. It is only in the fifteenth century that the Mothering Sunday had been born. But we have to wait until 1908 to see the Mother's Day as we know it today to be developed in the United States and to be gradually adopted by the other countries.

They deserve it.

Although this celebration have not been celebrated on the same date around the world, many countries around the globe have agreed to honor mothers. Even though some people think that Mother's Day is a commercial holiday, and they are right to do so. Every year the advertising and promotion of gift possibilities floods the internet. Anna Jarvis, the very pioneer of Mother's Day, tried in vain to stop the commercialization of this holiday. But this is not a reason to stop celebrating the woman who gave you life.