How to choose a shirt?

There are several things to consider when choosing pieces for your wardrobe. Many mistakes are usually made when choosing a shirt. So how to make a good choice? This article will be very useful

Watch your shoulders

It is very important to know if the shirt is in your size, the shoulder seam should rest exactly on the bone without pulling the arm down too much. No, it's not too tight, you won't have a boxing match, if you're looking for Dragon Ball hoodies this will give you better body language and a good look. Always remember that a t-shirt can't give you the same range of motion as a tracksuit.  (But you should still be able to pick up a fork...).


Depending on your physique, it may or may not be a good idea to wear a shirt that is slightly fitted. You don't want to look like a garbage bag in a slightly fitted shirt, but if it's too tight, it won't look good either! So choose a fit that's right for your body type: not too big, not too small. For those who are overweight or more athletic, choose a straight cut that can be altered if necessary to fit better without compressing the body.

The collar

The collar should be stiff (but not starched!) to maintain a certain fit. For beginners, there are often soft collars that are corrected if you have a button-down collar, meaning you button your shirt instead of the collar.

Sleeves and cuff

The sleeves should not fall below the first third of the arm, if they do, the shirt is too long or the cuffs are not long enough (in which case it may simply be too big). The first third is the base of the thumb for those who are bad at math like me...... In a suit that reaches to the base of your wrist, your shirt will stick out enough to make a nice effect without overdoing it.