How to make a personalised christening gift?

The most pleasing gifts are personalised gifts. And even though christening gifts are only a tradition for the godfather and godmother, it makes the baptized very happy. To find out how to make a personalised christening gift, read on to find out more.

A medallion and a necklace

A medallion is a chain that is worn around the neck just like a necklace. To impress someone at their christening, a locket is a perfect gift. It gives the baptized much more joy when it is personalized. To make your gift more personal, you can click on the relevant links for more tips. However, the easiest way to personalise a medallion or necklace is to put a photo of the baptized person or an angel inside the gift. Alternatively, you can engrave the date of birth or baptism of the baptized person on the necklace. This would make the gift one of the most original and unique gifts he or she has ever received, which would make him or her very happy. It would be a useful souvenir for years to come. With a gift like this, he will remember the day of his baptism every time.


This is one of the simplest and most appreciated gifts that make their appearance at christenings. To make it unique and original, it should be inscribed with the name of the baptized person in silver or gold plated. And above all, do not forget to put on the opposite side where the name of the baptized is engraved, his date, month and year of baptism. This will ensure that it is and remains a desirable souvenir.

Photo album and photo frame

A photo album is a document containing all memories in photographic form. So you can give the baptized person a photo album containing all the photos of the highlights of his or her life, for example from birth to baptism. This will be a wonderful gift for him/her from you, as photos help us to remember memories that seem to be forgotten. Also, a photo frame of the moment he was baptised would be a great personalised gift. He can place the photo frame somewhere in his room or living room and see the moment of his baptism almost every day. And above all the moment itself, which will bring back the emotions of the day of his baptism and give him the joy of having such a gift.