How to make product development work ?

Have you already come up with some product ideas that you would like to develop? If so, it is essential to know the steps to follow in order to get started. Thus, it requires rigorous techniques and a good know-how. Discover in this article, what it takes to bring a product development.

What is the HOSKR method in product development ?

The HOSKR method is an approach that contributes to the success of products. Thus, starting from a hypothesis, it will be necessary to collect all the ideas that are expressed. This will promote a simpler vision of what you want to produce. Hence the need for a hypothesis between the product and its future value for both the user and the company. To learn more, Rapha Cohen provides more details on the concept.

In addition, once the hypothesis is made, the objectives to be achieved are essential. Thus, the planning of the objectives is important in order to be more focused. Therefore, it will be necessary to proceed step by step to reach the main objective. Hence the importance of setting short-term objectives to begin with. Then, establish medium-term and long-term objectives.

How does the HOSKR approach help in product development ?

First, let's note that once the planning of the objectives has been established, it will be necessary to clarify your product. Thus, in order for your product to be developed properly, it is necessary to verify the hypothesis by validation. Validation allows you to have the rating on the product service. It can also happen that the hypothesis is not validated. In this case, both aspects of the hypothesis must be considered.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the key results are measurable as well as quantifiable. This requires a specific calculation that must be done through a detailed study. This will allow to be reassured on the value of the key results for the company. With the HOSKR technique, there is a guarantee of success in the development of products, because it is well organized and structured.