PRIMASIA: What are the different services offered by this site?

Primasia is a website specialized in assisting different companies wishing to set up in China. This company therefore takes into account through its site all the needs of the company for its establishment.

The incorporation of a company

Company incorporation is one of the key services offered by the primasia website. Indeed, this site takes care entirely of the steps leading to the creation of your company. Among these steps there are the legal steps. By visiting you will have much more information about the service offered by this site. If we take for example the case of a company that has to set up in Hong Kong, the procedure is well known. Indeed, in the city of Hong Kong, the creation of a company is rather easy. But to succeed, you must be able to master the various administrative and jurisdictional formalities. It is precisely at this level that the Primasia website will be indispensable in taking the lead and obtaining all the necessary authorisations for your company. Beyond the question of the simple creation of an account, primasia also takes care of the establishment of your bank account. The same applies to the location of your company. Indeed, for the creation of a company, certain countries require the possession of a business premises, in other words the commercial domiciliation of your company. Primasia will find you the best formula so that you can set up your company

Accounting services

The site is also competent in the field of accounting. Therefore, it generally offers services that fall under the scope of managing your accounting. By opting for the accounting services of the site, you will have a clearer picture of your company's accounting. The primasia site is also competent in tax and payroll matters. So for the well-being of your company, do not hesitate to trust Primasia.