Some tips for finding a lost cat

Pets, which have never left the walls of the flat, do not often return home when they get lost. But there are several tips for finding a missing cat even after weeks or months of loss. Here are 3 tips for finding a lost cat.

Make a word-of-mouth announcement

It's important to inform neighbours of the cat's loss and the circumstances of the loss so that they don't jump on pop over to these guys. If they are familiar with the cat, they can help you find your cat easily. Word of mouth is an important step in the search for a pet, especially when it is a cat. Moreover, it is best to search in the evening, at night or early in the morning, because the noise outside cannot frighten the animal. And if the neighbours are not bothered, you can place a small amount of the cat's favourite treat or sawdust from the tray near the front door. In this case, the smell can help the pet find its home.

Make cat advertising posters

You can make an advertising poster with the cat's image and post them within a mile radius of the lost location. This will allow the immediate neighbourhood to inform you as soon as they see an animal that looks a bit like the picture. You have a better chance of finding your cat. But if your cat is a purebred, it may be stolen for resale on the market. You can inform the sellers of pets like cat of the situation and give them a picture of your lost favourite pet.

Other ways to find your cat

In addition, the Internet offers many options for finding a missing cat. Almost every major city has its own dedicated pet search sites, as well as sites for cat lovers. By placing an announcement about the loss in the thematic sections of the forums, the owner will receive sincere support and help from like-minded people. Social networks should not be ignored either, the five handshake rule works very well and with it, information about the loss will quickly spread to a wide audience of users.