The ramekin: what is it and why adopt it ?

The ramekin is an indispensable container for cooking delicious soufflés or crème brûlées. Generally speaking, this accessory is used to prepare deserts. Find out what the name really means and why you should use it.

Ramekin : what is it ?

Also known as a soufflé dish, the ramekin is a small cooking vessel. It is generally used for cooking and serving individual portions. Find out more about the Ramekin by continuing this content. The classic model of this accessory is cylindrical and white with a diameter between three and four inches. It has both deep and vertical sides with a fluted exterior. It also has a rounded edge. The ramekin can be made of different materials. It can be made of porcelain, ceramic or glass, most often in a round shape with a grooved outer surface. Various dishes and desserts can be made in a ramekin. These include custards, individual casseroles, soufflés, puddings and mousses. Other examples include cheesecakes, crumbles, creams and much more.

Why use ramekins?

As mentioned above, ramekins are quite popular for baking burnt soufflés or creams. They are used in many preparations in the microwave oven, the regular oven and the bain-marie. These accessories are indispensable for making chocolate cakes in the oven or microwave. The same applies to egg creams in a bain-marie or in the oven. The ramekins are used as serving dishes and moulds. To use the ramekin, simply put the mixture you want to bake in it. Be careful not to fill the ramekin to the brim, especially if it is a soft cake or a soufflé. This advice also applies to any other sweet or savoury dish that may rise during baking. It is essential to butter and flour the ramekins before using them, unless they are made of silicone. If they are made of silicone, they are naturally non-stick. Using butter and flour on other materials prevents the mixture from sticking to the sides of the utensil. You can use the ramekins to provide your guests with small condiments or a small sauce.