What are the solutions to be used to preserve a luxury watch?

A luxury watch is a long-term investment. Made with rare quality materials, they deserve to be maintained in order to prolong their life. To do so, you need to perform some simple actions. What are they? More information in this article.

The watch box

The watch box is a must for the protection of your luxury watches. If you want to learn more about them, you should read the appropriate platforms. This box can be made from several materials. Among them, there is wood. Ecological and resistant, your watch will be safe. Leather is also a possibility that you can explore.

Do not hesitate to select the material inside your box. If you are interested in the aesthetics of your accessory, there are some additional parameters to consider. Among these, we can mention for example: the style (classic, modern), the color and the number of storage spaces.

Cleaning the watch case

For the preservation of your luxury watch, you should take good care of its case on a daily basis. If your timepiece is made of steel or gold, you should use a soft cloth or a dry brush. If it is waterproof, you can use soapy water and clear water. You should avoid using harsh cleaning products because they can destroy your case. 

If you notice any scratches, you can go to a watchmaker to restore the shine of the luxury watch. This is a solution that allows you to save the shine of your watch.

Cleaning the watch band

Cleaning the strap of your luxury watch should be done as with the case. As mentioned earlier in the article, you should avoid aggressive products. If the material of your strap is leather, avoid exposing it too much to the sun in order to preserve its color.