What is the Koran and where to buy it?

You often hear the word Quran. Are you interested? Don't panic. More than a book of religion, the Qur'an contains teachings that can help you live as a model on earth. Find out here what the Koran is and where to get it.

The Quran, what it is ?

The Quran is a word that means, reading or recitation. It is the word of God, Allah. It is the centre of Islam and the Muslim community. It is a book of reference and very sacred. According to the Muslim religion the Qur'an is by dogma, uncreated, eternal and inimitable. Read Full Report for more information. According to Muslims, the story goes that the Qur'an was revealed by Allah to Muhammad the Prophet. It was during its revelation preached and recited in public before Muslims and also before those who were not of the religious persuasion. Moreover, it was written entirely during the Prophet's lifetime on various media including bones, skin, cloth, etc. Following the arrival of the third Caliph, the Qur'an was compiled. It is from this moment that it became a real book. The companions of the Prophet memorised it and today thousands of believers know it by heart. It should be noted that the Qur'an deals with all matters concerning human beings: practical wisdom, worship, laws, etc., but its central theme revolves around the relationship between God and his creatures. It also contains detailed guidelines and teachings for a just society, proper behaviour and a fair system. The Qur'an is meant to be universal. It is addressed to all humanity. It is the guide par excellence for all those who thirst for knowledge, learning or truth.

Buying the Qur'an, but where?

There are several ways to buy the Quran. We have bookstores, retail sites and also on online platforms. The Qur'an is available in several languages. Depending on your language preference, you can find Qurans in English, French, German or Arabic. If you don't like to read books, you can get them as a PDF file on platforms for a fee. This saint exists in all forms.