What to expect during menopause?

The menopause, a huge hormonal upheaval that occurs around the age of 50, is a period that many women dread due to a lack of information. Symptoms, causes and treatments, we will tell you everything you need to know so that you can live this period of your life without regret.

The Perimenopause

Menopause is not a state that occurs overnight; it is preceded by a phase called: Perimenopause. This is a period during which the production of estrogen and progesterone is no longer organized. Ovulation becomes “poor quality” and the body, especially the uterus and breasts, undergo changes. This period can occur two to five years before the onset of menopause. If you notice a change in your periods such as the absence of periods, their delay or a sudden abundance, you should consult your gynecologist who will examine you.

Is menopause the beginning of the end?

Often considered as an expiration date of the female body or a disease. The menopause is in fact a stop of the functioning of the ovaries. The cessation of menstruation is one of the main symptoms of menopause. Although they may momentarily return until the menopause sets in completely. Headaches, hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, anxiety are the most common symptoms that occur during menopause.

And then after menopause what happens?

After your body has undergone all these hormonal disturbances it finally lets you breathe: the postmenopausal. This period will last until the end of your life, and your body will be more exposed to cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. It is very important that your doctor or gynecologist follows you and if necessary, helps you to manage the symptoms with medication. All women eventually reach menopause, so menopause is not a subject that should be considered taboo.